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Islamic Republic’s Rouhani Pays Tribute to French and Italian Imperialists: All Must Be Overthrown Through Revolutions!

Islamic Republic’s  Rouhani Pays Tribute to  French and Italian Imperialists: All Must Be Overthrown Through Revolutions!


President Rouhani  of Islamic Republic of Iran is on an state visit to Italy and France. He has championed Islamic Republic’s rapprochement with the ٌwestern capitalist imperialist powers. His presidency has been marked by repeated announcements of Islamic Republic’s fidelity in collaborating with these imperialist powers in the fight against the ISIS (or Daesh).


But the fact is that the Islamic Republic of Iran is the original »Daesh« of the Middle East. The Islamic Republic of Iran was established by a Shiaa Islamic fundamentalist movement led by Ayatollah Khomeini. These Islamists first crushed the 1979 revolution of the people of Iran against the monarchial regime of the Shah. Then, using their state power carried out the same kinds of crimes that today is committing. They rounded up the people who opposed them, in cities and country side and executed countless number of them without any dues process and only on the basis of sharii “whims” of Ayatollahs. This regime legalized honor killing and sentences such as lapidating and eye for an eye. Upon seizing power the Islamists began a war against women and launched a continuous Nazi style ideological/morality war against women through making Islamic head cover and uniform mandatory.

It was not just the US imperialists and CIA who fortified the Islamist warlords in Afghanistan in the 1980s. The Islamic Republic of Iran had a major role in fortifying the Shia Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan, in enslaving Afghani women and destruction of that country. Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran is not only in a civil war against the people of Iran but it is also carrying out criminal proxy wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen in rivalry with other equally oppressive and putrid regimes of the region such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey and threatening the region with endless religious wars.

Islamic Republic of Iran has always been in opposition with US and European powers but this opposition has been a reactionary opposition because both sides represent oppressive and destructive powers who represent and guard historically outmoded social systems which today are together suffocating our region and its people.  


The Islamic Republic has rendered all kinds of services to the US and its allies in military invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. And today its Quds military force is rendering services to war crimes of Russian imperialism in Syria which has led to a new round of Islamic fundamentalism and imperialism in this region.


Islamist capitalists of Iran have implemented globalization under careful eyes of the IMF and the World Bank. These “native” capitalists together with “foreign” capitalists have brutally exploited the workers and left millions more unemployed and have destroyed agriculture displacing millions of peasants and have brutally damaged the environment. And today after the “Nuclear Deal” a break neck and turbo capitalist development will bring more of the same thing. 


Then, why France and Italy and other European powers are welcoming Rouhani?  Because they are of the same class nature. They all are guardians of different levels of a hellish social system called world capitalism. They are all responsible for destructive wars, patriarchy, national oppression, even depriving hundreds of millions of people of possibility of eating and clean water let alone of having a meaningful life.


Flood of refugees from war torn Middle East and ravaged Africa has put a truth on the spot light: a handful of wealthy countries in Europe benefit from and enforce the backwardness and poverty in so much of the world. Millions of people in Europe have been shocked by daily massacres of refugees in the Mediterranean sea, barded wires at the borders, filthy camps, fascist policies and growth of fascist movements. They are angry and are questioning the legitimacy of the European states. But this is not enough. Europe too needs revolution – an internationalist revolution and not a “European” one, a revolution characterised by the ideology of “international is the human race”.


In order for the people of Iran get rid of Islamic Republic reactionaries, in order for the people of Middle East to get rid of all reactionary oppressive states, in order to get rid of imperialism and destructive imperialist wars, for healing the old wounds of colonialism, in order to put an end to waves of Islamist insurgencies, in order to end women’s enslavement, in order to get rid of all borders and deliver the planet Earth to its rightful hands ...  the capitalist system must be destroyed in its totality, with all its exploitative relations of production and oppressive social relations, with all its old and reactionary institutions and thinking. To clear the face of the earth of all this darkness and garbage there is no other way but a forcible social revolution. It is only on the debris of this world that a new one can be built, with the participation of billions of toiling and oppressed women and men.


Communist Party of Iran (Marxist Leninist Maoist)

15 Nov 2015

The activists of CPIMLM in Europe will join the call for protest by the Committee for Campaign Against 37 years of Islamic Republic’s Crimes.

Sunday Nov. 15  from 13 to 15hr in Place de la République

Monday Nov. 16 from 9Am to 17Pm Place Fontenoy (near UNESCO)

Tuseday Nov. 17 from 15pm to 17pm in Invalides (paris 7eme)