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Destroyers of Our Planet Meet in Paris

Destroyers of Our Planet Meet in Paris

Only a Communist Revolution can save it!


More than 150 heads of states and delegates will gather in a UN environmental conference in Paris on November 30th in order to discuss how to slow down environmental destruction and how to parcel out the “rights” for more destruction. The heads of different imperialist powers including from the US and Russia along with delegates from big and small states of the world capitalist order will participate in this conference. On the opposite side, a broad spectrum of environmental activists, anti capitalist movements and revolutionary communists have prepared variety of activities in order to protest the rulers of the world, expose their policies and destructive workings of their capitalist system which has caused environmental crisis. Moreover, tens of thousands of people from four corners of the world were preparing to join the protests in Paris. But the French imperialists used the pretext of criminal assaults of the Islamic fundamentalists in Paris on November 13, 2015 in order to ban all planned street protests. Some of the organizers have given in but a significant minority has defied this and has declared that people will march in groups on Sunday, November 29th in streets of Paris.

Under the same pretext, the French authorities have militarized Paris and its suburbs. Immigrant neighborhoods, especially those areas with Moslem population are under siege and even under military assault. At the borders and entrance gates of Paris, the French security forces have detained and deported activists from different countries that were going to take part in environmental protests. Under the guise of respecting the lost lives in the criminal attacks of November 13, the state institutions have distributed millions of tri- color flags of the French imperialists which itself is soaked with bloods shed in its imperialist colonial wars of conquest and the French media is constantly beating drums of chauvinist imperialist patriotism. Attempts to suppress people’s protests against environmental destruction are in fact an extension and complementary to all of this.

Imperialist powers have waged wars and shed blood in order to impose reactionary local states and conditions of super-exploitation on the peoples’ of the countries they dominate. And at the same time, they have run their own societies through “democratic” demagogueries and police suppression and ghettoizing immigrants and packing up the oppressed in prisons. In addition to all this, they have led the planet Earth to the brinks of whole sale destruction. These powers have no right to ban activities which are organized in order to expose their all around crimes. They have no right to ban refugees from entering and staying in Europe. They have no right what so ever, to gain legitimacy through using the crimes of the Islamic fundamentalists and their reactionary ideology and outmoded social programs. Because, they themselves have committed the biggest of all crimes against humanity and their ideology and social system is outmoded as well. These arrogant exploiters and destroyers very well know who the main perpetrator in destruction of the environment is. Therefore, even in this case, they are attempting to hide their bloody hands behind the Islamic fundamentalists and buy some legitimacy for themselves.

Forces released as a result of instability in the ecosystems of the Earth are thousands times more destructive and deadly than those of nuclear explosions and their impacts are even more irreparable. This disaster has found such dimensions that in 2014 the UN warned against serious and irreparable damage on ecosystems and life on Earth. The polar ice is melting and collapsing and natural glaciers are disappearing. Temperature is rising in leaps and bounds. Rain forests and coral riffs, many plant and animal species are being annihilated in mind blowing speed. Draught and floods take their turns in impoverishing the already impoverished peoples of the world. It is predicted that in the next ten years millions of people will perish as a result of combination of draught, flood and other consequences of warming of the Earth. And the same situation will push hundreds of millions more to move from one corner of the earth to the other in desperate search for survival. It is said that future wars will happen over “water” and we will witness unprecedented and unexpected events as a result of turbulence in the ecosystems of the Earth.

In Iran, environmental destruction is emptying seas and lakes from life. In the Caspian Sea a mind bugling contention is going on over exploration and drilling of petroleum and gas from sea floors. As a result, there has been whole sale annihilation of certain kinds of fish and the coastal waters have been polluted to the point of risking lives and resources of local people. Environmental researchers warn that the Caspian waters are full of cancer causing pollutants. Plundering of forest lands by the powerful members and agents of the Islamic Republic and turning the forest and farm lands into city lands, eliminating the rest of the forest lands by dumping city garbage and poisoning the river waters as a result of pesticide used in intensive agriculture are all among environmental “achievements” of the Islamic Republic capitalist system in Iran.

There has to be no doubt that the powers that have congregated in this conference in order to find ways to deal with environmental disaster, can not do so even if they want to. They can not even tame the exponential speed of environmental destruction. In order to do so they have to change whole ways, structures and fundamentals of industrial and agricultural production. And this, they can not do because for capitalists it is tantamount to committing suicide. For example, the main bulk of productions in the world are carried out using fossil fuels and more importantly, war machines of big and small powers of the world run on the basis of fossil fuels.

Economic, social and political system of capitalism has driven the Earth to the brinks. Environmental crisis in combination with destructive wars and bestial exploitation of work force, massive unemployment, revival of slavery and other sicknesses arising from virulent attacks of capitalism against every corner of the world has made overall situation of humanity unbearable. This situation is a constant factor which delegitimizes capitalism and its rulers, even in the eyes of better off population in the imperialist citadels. As part of “managing” the environmental crisis, the big powers and other reactionary states, are even preparing to militarily suppress future “environmental rebellions”.

The Paris conference can produce unprecedented agreements around dealing with this problem. But “profitability” needs of capitalism as well as military necessities of each and every one of these powers who are locked in deadly rivalry with each other will abort and distort any serious plan for saving the Earth. The capitalist system can not be reformed – even in this sphere. Because it’s essential internal dynamics runs against well being of environment and this will be the case as long as capitalism is allowed to live.

The road to save environment is one and the same road as humanity’s emancipation from the clutches of class divided society. The majority of the people of the world, even those strata that under capitalism are better off than the exploited and oppressed people, can and must awaken to this reality and turn to only solution which is revolution. Because, only revolution can overthrow domination of capitalism over very life of the Earth and lives of the people of the world and in this way, open the doors for establishing a radically different social system which would be based on voluntary and conscious association of all human beings in producing their livelihood. Only such society which is called communism can repair damages done to environment and pass on the planet earth to future generations in an enriched state. Let’s move before it is too late.

Communist Party of Iran (M.L.M)

27 November 2015


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 Destroyers of Our Planet Meet in Paris
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